Anita Scheffer, M.S.Ed
-School Health Education

It’s finally here!

It took being in quarantine to do two things I have been talking about for years! One was to start my blog about all things middle school health, and the second was to host and create a podcast that featured my students’s voices, thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics that we cover in our classes. The podcast is still a work in progress, but it’ll be here real soon.

This is my 30th year teaching middle level health in Nassau County on Long Island, NY. I can’t even believe I can say that I’ve been teaching this long! The time truly did fly. When you teach middle school, you never age, because you are always in the same grade! Friends who teach other age groups always say “how can you teach ‘that’ age group? They’re going through puberty and they can’t sit still!” I wouldn’t have it any other way because I get to teach them about life. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Be well!